Affiliate, Sponsor and Joint Venture Relationships

I believe and strive to be congruent in everything I do including the online world.

I am disclosing to you that there will be products and links to these products on this web site for which I may earn an affiliate commision based on any purchases you make from these companies.

One of my values is integrity and as such I intend to only associate with individuals, products and companies that hold similar values. This web site is created with the intention to add value to you in every aspect of your life. I deliver value to you through free content, paid content, business affiliates and joint ventures.

This web site is part of my for-profit business. You should assume that any link leading you to products or services are business affiliate or joint venture links and that my company will receive compensation based on the agreements we have with these companies or individuals.

In addition, some of the content on this web site may be sponsored by a company or individual, which means a company or individual has given my company monetary compensation in exchange for advertisement on this web site’s content. When this occurs said content will be identified as being sponsored by a specific individual or company.

Unless I otherwise disclose to you note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else of monetary value in exchange for referencing these companies or individuals on this web site. The only form of monetary consideration received is in the form of affiliate, joint venture or sponsorship income.






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