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Whether you are planning to start your own business, you have already started one or you are a high executive in a company, it is always important to have a place to discuss your ventures or projects. A space to express not only your plans, but your doubts and fears, that usually appear when you have to make important business decisions.

Give your business a place to grow

As a business coach my attention will be focused on the development and empowerment of your business, in a confidential space where we will discuss your needs and formulate a plan to take care of them. I myself have been through the process and development of new ventures, I have been a senior excecutive, and I can guarantee you that together, we will raise not only your performance, but your team's performance as well. Together we will develop new habits and strategies in order to increase the development and profits of your business.

What can you expect from your business coaching program

  • Bi-monthly 40 minute phone or online video format coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited email support in between coaching sessions.
  • I ask thought provoking questions.
  • I give direct guidance, I provide resources when needed.
  • What can you expect from your business coaching program

    Each client’s personal goals and desires are different and as such their coaching experience may differ. However, you can at least expect to:

    • Improve your communication skills.
    • Have more satisfying business relationships.
    • Reduce your stress levels.
    • Improve your financial satisfaction.
    • Improve your job performance.
    • Increased profit in your business.
    • Improve your health.

“After one year of working with Marcie, she was able to help me turn my business around and help exceed my goals. Marcie does not only understand but genuinely cares about her clients. She has a great way to inspire and bring out qualities hidden within”.

“We coached with Marcie for a year. During this period she brought innovative new ideas to help us grow our business. She studied every system we had and figured out how to improve it! Most importantly, she held us accountable and as a result we were able to double our business from the previous year!”

“Marcie’s positive, caring, coaching style created an open and honest atmosphere that  enabled me to make changes personally and professionally to grow my business. In just about a year after working with Marcie I doubled my annual revenue, opened a  new office, hired staff and successfully manage a growing team.”

Make your business grow!

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