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  • 295: How long have you been delaying becoming an entrepreneur?

    March 09,2017 / Podcast / 0 Comments

    Betty Francisco is a Latina with Puerto Rican and Chinese roots that is passionate about fitness and helping others advance into leadership roles. Betty wears many hats including being an entrepreneur, a business executive, an angel investor, lawyer and community leader. As a mother of two girls...

  • 293: Is it still possible to differentiate yourself in the blogging space?

    March 02,2017 / Podcast / 0 Comments

    Rachel Mátos is a Latina entrepreneur with Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian roots who is passionate about empowering and elevating women. Rachel is an art historian, artist, speaker and lifestyle blogger. She is the creator and publisher of theArtMuse.me and the social media director for the...

  • 289: Got laid off? Great, it's time to turn your hobby into a monetizable online platform!

    February 16,2017 / Podcast / 0 Comments

    Rocio Mora is a Latina entrepreneur with Honduran-Mexican roots that is obsessed with helping you embrace your inner and external beauty. Rocio is the content creator and digital influencer behind RisasRizos where she shares tips on curly hair, beauty and everything in between. In her YouTube...

  • 287: Scaling your business: Implement this process and you will put it on the fast lane

    February 09,2017 / Podcast / 0 Comments

    Alma Abreu is a Latina entrepreneur with Puerto Rican roots that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach their goals with sanity. Alma is the founder of 360AgilePro, a project management training and coaching service for entrepreneurs and startup companies that empowers them to grow and...

  • 285: Want some market share in the Latino health and wellness industry? Be an insider

    February 02,2017 / Podcast / 0 Comments

    Candy Calderon is a Latina entrepreneur with Dominican roots passionate about health & wellness and an avid healthy lifestyle social media influencer. She is a certified holistic nutritionist, at Candy Calderon she shares her popular and outspoken takes on healthy living from the modern busy...

  • 283: Go ahead, call me a #LatinaGeek, I love it!

    January 26,2017 / Podcast / 0 Comments

    Lala Castro is Latina entrepreneur with Mexican roots who is a digital marketing geek and influencer with a wide array of expertise in social media marketing, influencer marketing, Hispanic digital marketing, event management, e-commerce and many other facets of business. Lala has been featured on...

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